Weapon training for

TaeKwonDo, HapKiDo and Tricking Classes

Our Sparring Classes are offered for Children at Intermediate Level, Teens and Adults.   Put your TaeKwonDo skills to test. 

 Classes for Teens & Adults

Our HapKiDo Class focuses on

self-defense by using the opponent's strength.  

Perfect for Teens and Adults



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At our Tricking Class, take your basic skills of gymnastics and martial arts  to the next level.  

Ages 10 +

Our TaeKwonDo Classes for Children, Teens and Adults include warm-ups, cardio, gymnastics, forms and weapon training.    

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Free Trial Classes


Evening Family Classes

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Our JUDO Class focuses on throwing and ground techniques.  

Perfect for Teens and Adults who are interested 

in wrestling.  

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