Teachers and parents often notice a dramatic difference in children who study martial arts.  Children listen better at home, handle homework and chores more efficiently, put more effort into school work, and receive better grades.  Come and see what a big difference Taekwondo can make for your child, too.


         (Ages 4-6)

Instructions are specifically designed for Pre-school and Kindergarten age children to increase coordination, teamwork, positive social interaction, listening skills and self-esteem.   Classes are instructed in a variety of ways to keep students engaged and excited.   The small Instructor-Student ratio gives each child an ability to get an individual attention and instruction to focus on ability and goals.  

​During the 30-minute class, students gain motor skill development and a sense of confidence within our playful and positive environment.  Between the fun and exercise, your child gain greater focus and self-esteem which will carry over to home and school.  

Benefits include:

  • A great outlet to burn extra energy
  • Desire to lead through example
  • ​Increased coordination and motor skills
  • Increased listening and social skills
  • ​Willingness to work towards goal
  • Increased sense of responsibility

           at school and at home

  • A structured learning environment


(White Belt- Green Belt)

Instructions are focused on creating a foundation of discipline, focus and energy.  Students learn how everything goes together and can be used to their benefit not only at school but at home as well.  The small instructor-student ratio gives your child an ability to get an individual attention needed for improvement and extra help.  Issues are being addressed on how to deal with bulling, how to show respect and what is expected of them as they start learning more advanced techniques.  

​During the class, students will learn how to coordinate their body and mind to get positive results.  Through a  combination of exercise and fun activities, students learn teamwork, self-defense and positive interaction.  

Benefits include: 

  • Students find focus and stillness
  • Works towards goal
  • ​Increased self-esteem
  • Learn self defense
  • Ability to resolve issues without fighting
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased social skills
  • Great outlet to burn extra energy
  • Good decision making


(Blue Belts- High Red Belts)

​Instructions are focused on improving basic foundation and preparing them for the next step of becoming a Future Martial Artist.  At this stage, students will show significance gains in physical fitness, self-esteem, respect and positive value in young people.  

During the class, students will continue to develop their skills and abilities in order to become a positive role model and have an understanding of goal achievement.  

Benefits include:

  • Students continue to develop their skills
  • Gain self-confidence and self respect
  • Learn conflict resolution
  • Great outlet to burn energy and stay

          focused as they are transitioning to Teens

  • Continue to work toward their goals


(Deputy and Black Belts)

Instructions are focused on advancing the foundation that has been learned throughout the program and taking the skills to the next level.  Students are introduced

During the class, students will continue to improve their techniques, 

Benefits include:

  • Better understanding of  qualities of a True Martial Artist
  • Better understanding of conflict resolution
  • Learn conflict resolution
  • Great outlet to burn energy and stay focused
  • Learn how to achieve goals and set new ones
  • Learn how to be a great role model for lower belts




Both teens and adults learn the benefits of self-confidence and self-discipline, and how these benefit them in their everyday lives at work, school, on the playground, with friends and in public situations. A confident, martial arts trained teen or adult is better focused and more aware of their surroundings, and is more prepared to handle social situations that arise in everyday life.

Our martial arts classes are designed to improve flexibility, balance, endurance, and strength while teaching self defense techniques.  Many of our adults join with little or no experience.  Our instructors are always receptive to your questions and will take the time to answer you step-by-step, with enthusiasm and patience.  We promise that getting involved in one of our Martial Arts classes will be one of the best decisions you've made.  

Benefits include:

  • ​Learning Self-Defense
  • Self-confidence and self-discipline
  • Great outlet for stress relief
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve your health



Sparring is an extra class that is designed as part of the Taekwondo program.  It is usually offered for Children starting from the Intermediate class , Teens and Adults.  


This program is by invitation only.   If your child is recognized as a potential leader, this is considered a great honor.  Our student leaders come in early or stay late to help out classes of lower belts a couple times a week.  This allows our leaders a chance to assist the instructor and recognize when others need improvement.  They are guided by our instructor on how to correct these situations.  The lower belts benefit by having more personalized attention. Type your paragraph here.


Taekwondo  is the art of self defense that originated in Korea. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of Martial Arts in the World, reaching back over 2,000 years.  It became a Worldwide sport after it was recognized as an official Olympic sport. 

Through Taekwondo, individuals develop speed, balance, confidence, self-esteem and most importantly respect.